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Common Nail Infection Questions

Your toenails and fingernails are important for protecting the tips of your fingers and toes from damage. Unfortunately, it can be possible for your nail to experience some severe health problems as a result of fungal and bacterial infections. Understanding your full range of options for addressing these problems will be important for allowing you to minimize the cosmetic issues and discomfort that these infections can cause.

What Are the Symptoms of Fungal Nail Infections?

There are a variety of symptoms that can warn you of this developing infection. Discoloration of the nails is one of the more common indications of having this type of infection. Additionally, the nails can become very brittle, which can lead to cracking and splitting. Furthermore, it can be possible for your nails to develop strong odors as a result of this type of infection. Typically, these symptoms will be progressive, and this can allow them to worsen the longer they are allowed to go untreated. Therefore, you should have your nails professionally examined as soon as they start to show these symptoms as this will allow you to start treatments as soon as possible.

How Can You Treat a Fungal Nail Problem?

You may assume that the only way that you will be able to treat your fungal nail infection is through the use of creams and other substances that will be applied to it. This is an option that can be used, but it will be extremely slow. In fact, it can take several weeks or longer before these substances will start to show major signs of improving the condition.

In contrast, you can opt to use laser nail treatments to help address these issues. When undergoing laser treatments, you may find that you are able to reverse this condition within a few sessions, which can be far more convenient than applying creams multiple times a day for several weeks.

What Should You Expect From Your Laser Nail Treatment Sessions?

It can be common for individuals to feel somewhat nervous at the thought of undergoing laser treatments for their nail infections. Often, these individuals will assume that this type of care will be rather painful to undergo; however, you will feel little more than a brief sensation of heat when the laser is applied. Furthermore, the laser will be applied in short bursts, which can help to reduce the amount of discomfort that you experience. This entire treatment can be completed in minutes, which will help to prevent this type of care from leading to disruptions in your daily routine.