Make Your Recovery From Ankle Surgery Easy By Preparing Before Your Operation

Recovering from foot or ankle surgery is a lengthy, slow process. According to the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital, it can take a year to fully recover. At three months after surgery, the foot or ankle feels "fair," and it's "good" at six months. If you're going to have ankle surgery, preparing beforehand can make this process go easier -- especially if your ankle doctor requires you to stay off of your feet for a portion of the recovery period. [Read More]

Fashion Victim: What You Wear Could Really Be Hurting You

You wouldn't be caught dead without your $500 red-soled high heels or, for that matter, their just as expensive "sole" sisters. But, lately, your feet have been killing you. Unfortunately, there are times that your fashion and footwear choices could actually be doing permanent damage to your body. The following are a few fashion pieces that could potentially cause your health problems.  High Heels Your feet may look fabulous now in their four-inch stiletto heels, but down the road, you're probably going to pay for wearing sky-high footwear on a regular basis. [Read More]