Making Your Feet Work For You

Caring For Wounds On Your Feet: What You Need To Know

Foot wounds can be painful, and if not taken care of properly, they can worsen quickly or become infected. An infection in the foot on a healthy individual is a problem, but can be terrible if the individual is diabetic. If you have a wound on your foot it should be handled properly. Read on for foot wound care tips.

Keep Your Feet Dry

Feet should be kept dry whether there is a wound or not, but especially if there is a wound on the foot. Bacteria can grow and multiply in moist environments. With the extra moisture you could end up with an infection. Dry your feet after bathing and if you have sweaty feet, wear breathable socks that wick sweat and moisture away from the feet. If you have to, change your socks during the day as well.

Allow The Wound To Breathe

If you have a wound on your foot you may want to cover the wound, but you also need to allow the wound to breathe. Allow the wound to breathe and keep it uncovered when you aren't up and walking around, such as at night or when lounging on the couch. Allowing the wound to breathe will help with the healing process. Keeping the wound covered may cause the would to take longer to heal.

Clean The Wound

Clean your wound with soap and water daily to remove bacteria or dirt in the wound. Clean the area around the wound as well as the wound itself. Also use hydrogen peroxide to clean the wound and clear up any infection you may have. Be sure your hands are clean before touching your wound to prevent spreading bacteria from your hands to your wound.

Wear Proper-Fitting Shoes

The shoes you wear when you have a wound is going to make a difference. If your shoes are too tight or if they rub, it could worsen your wound. Be sure to wear shoes that fit you properly and that don't cause you further injury or foot problems. If you aren't sure what type of shoes to wear, talk to your podiatrist about proper footwear. 

Visit The Podiatrist

If you have a wound on your foot that isn't healing or that keeps coming back, you should make an appointment with a podiatrist for help treating the wound. The podiatrist can help with the wound itself and give you advice to prevent wounds in the future.

Wounds on the feet should be cared for properly to prevent an infection or prevent worsening the injury. Make an appointment with your podiatrist for treatment of your foot wound.