Making Your Feet Work For You

How To Keep Wearing The Highest Of Heels While Keeping Your Feet Comfortable

For women who wear high heels on a regular basis, foot pain comes with the territory. Wearing good quality heels can help to reduce discomfort, but after you have worn them all day long, you're going to look forward to the moment when you can finally free your feet. If you love high heels but you don't want to keep traumatizing your footsies, here's what you can do to manage foot pain and swelling.

Treat Yourself To Foot Massage

Wearing high heeled shoes may make your feet look great, but your feet may not feel so good. The way in which you care for your feet while you take a break from wearing heels will have an impact on the amount of pain you may experience while strutting your stuff. Foot soaks and home foot spas can help to relax tense arches, improve circulation in your feet, and soothe away all of your aches and pains.

If you are able to regularly go for foot massages, you may start looking forward slipping your feet back into your high heels. Pampering your feet will lessen the chance of your feet developing corns, blisters, and bunions, which can also increase the amount of pain you experience while walking in high heels.

Investing In Comfortable Shoe Inserts

A pair of well made shoes will do wonders for your feet, but supportive shoe inserts can also be just as good. Look for shoe inserts that have been specially developed for high heels, as they provide ample support for arches and extra padding for toes. Buy enough inserts so that they can be fitted inside of all of your high heels so that you always feel comfortable while wearing your favorite type of shoes.

Paying A Visit To The Podiatrist

Sometimes, foot pain occurs after wearing high heels exclusively or often enough that you actually feel uncomfortable when wearing flat shoes. Your podiatrist can counsel you on the best high heel shoe–wearing practices, including how long you should wear your heels each day and optimal high heel height for foot comfort.

With a fitted gown and elegant jewelry, high heeled shoes always make a fashionable outfit complete. Whether you elect to wear your heels every single day or only put them on when you have a special event, you should never have to deal with foot pain. Be smart about the type of heels that you wear as well as how you treat your feet when you are out of them so you can feel as comfortable and confident as you look. Contact a clinic like Collier Podiatry PA to learn more.